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Commemorative Coins: 25 francs (gold, platinum)
Commemorative coin 2022, prf

Artist: Remo Mascherini, Flamatt
Alloy: platinum, Pt (0.9995)
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 13.89g
Redeemable at SNB

Mintage: 999

Availability: please inquire

CHF CP  incl. 0.0% VAT
Commemorative coin 2022, prf

Artist: Remo Lienhard / WES 21, Biel
Alloy: gold, Au (0.900)
Diameter: 20mm
Weight: 5.64g (5.076g fine)
Redeemable at SNB

Mintage: 5000

This coin is also available in a special packing.

Availability: in stock

CHF 575.00  incl. 0.0% VAT

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Commemorative Coins:
· 5 francs (silver)
· 5 francs (Cu-Ni)
· 5 francs (bimetal)
· 10 francs (bimetal)
· 20 francs (silver)
· 25 francs (gold, platinum)
· 250, 100, 50, 5, ¼ francs (gold)
· Patterns
· Sets, Special Packages

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Grading (description):
f: fine
vf: very fine
ef: extremely fine
unc: uncirculated
bu: brilliant uncirculated
prf: proof

Information prices:
bold: available from stock
red highlight: available on request

Abbreviations and symbols:
CP: Collectors price
FV: Face value
VM: Value of materials
Abarten  Year of issue with varieties
Fälschung  Counterfeits in circulation
gleichstehend  obverse and reverse aligned
kopfstehend  obverse and reverse inverted
  edge lettering to right
  edge lettering to left

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