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Online catalog of Swiss coins and banknotes: information, images, prices.

New Category:
Gold and silver coins as an investment.
20 francs Vreneli, 20 francs Helvetia, 250 francs from 1991 or Swiss silver coins until 1967.

Dear visitor
Welcome to the first Swiss virtual and free catalog of coins and bank notes! Of course it wasn’t really free – it was paid for by all my clients, who placed their trust in me and bought something from, and sold something to, me. Ultimately, my thanks go out to them!
I invite you to take some time to read a few thoughts on collecting and numismatics in particular.
This website is only the bare bones of a project which will be expanded substantially. If you have information available from which this website would benefit, I would very much appreciate an email from you.
Also, I am always interested in purchasing – either whole collections or expensive individual items. For all offers or questions please contact me by email.
And now I hope you will enjoy yourself here and, if you do, that you will recommend my website to many other people. Thank you!

Best wishes, Johannes Müller

Federal Coins
Federal Coins

From 1 rappen to 5 Swiss francs.
From 1850 to today.

Coin Sets
Coin Sets

BU, Baby and PRF.
From 1974 to today (Swissmint)


Helvetia and Vreneli, rarities.
From 1871 to 1959.

Canton Coins
Canton Coins

Helvetic Republic (1798-1803),
Canton coins (1803-1848)

Banknotes, SNB Shares
Banknotes, SNB Shares

From 1907 to today.


From Vereinsthaler 1862 until today

Commemorative Coins
Commemorative Coins

Swissmint products, novelties.
From 1936 to today.

Philatelic Numismatic Cover
Philatelic Numismatic Cover

All issues with Swiss
commemorative coins

Shooting Thaler
Shooting Thaler

Gold and silver issues.
From 1842 to 1939.


Die scratches, rotations.
From 1850 to today.

Hans Erni Medals
Hans Erni Medals

From 1969 to 2011.

Accessories, Catalogs
Accessories, Catalogs

Everything for the collector.
Leuchtturm and Lindner

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Grading (description):
f: fine
vf: very fine
ef: extremely fine
unc: uncirculated
bu: brilliant uncirculated
prf: proof

Information prices:
bold: available from stock
red highlight: available on request

Abbreviations and symbols:
CP: Collectors price
FV: Face value
VM: Value of materials
Abarten  Year of issue with varieties
Fälschung  Counterfeits in circulation
gleichstehend  obverse and reverse aligned
kopfstehend  obverse and reverse inverted
  edge lettering to right
  edge lettering to left

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